Climate change is intensifying global and local disasters. It’s time to unite and develop radical solutions for our collective resilience.

What is Blueprint?

Blueprint is a sustainable tech ideation conference presented by Duke Conservation Tech: we bring together passionate students, visionary experts, and driven organizations to address critical environmental issues.

We combine the unbridled optimism of students with real-world experience of experts to foster courageous and interdisciplinary innovations that address our planet’s complex, escalating challenges.



This year students will cultivate exciting ideas surrounding resilience development against natural and anthropogenic disasters. 

With climate change affecting communities all over the world, natural disasters are becoming more important than ever to be prepared for. Will you join this year’s conference and help develop advanced solutions to this major real world problem?



Investigate impacts of hurricanes, flash floods, storm surges and blizzards on infrastructure and natural spaces


Investigate the consequences of shifting temperatures on agriculture and wildlife


Create solutions and cultivate preventative measures for oil spills, mass pollution, and man-made landslides.


Ideate mitigation, and recovery methods for global wildfires including invasive species and preventative burns.







the professionals that will be guiding you through your ideation and innovation journey!

How to Participate


University students (undergraduate and graduate) of all backgrounds are invited to participate in Blueprint. Everyone regardless of their background is needed for resilience innovation.

Register now before March 18th.


Professionals inspire solutions, identify existing problems, and assist student teams in their 2-day innovations sprints. Professionals are invited to speak, host workshops, and mentor teams.

Contact us if you are interested.


Sponsors support young innovators and Blueprint’s mission to harness diverse minds and student-professional collaboration to improve the Earth’s future. Sponsorships can range from money to merch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blueprint 2023 will be held in-person at the Fitzpatrick Center on Saturday March 25th to Sunday March 26th. See you there!

Don’t worry! It’s good you haven’t been corrupted by the knowledge of the status quo. New, unheard-of ideas from novel, interdisciplinary interactions are what we are looking for.

Blueprint brings together people from many different perspectives with many different contributions, so it can get a little confusing! Here’s a breakdown of the main roles at the conference and how you can get involved with each one:

Participants are passionate graduate and undergraduate students who will learn from distinguished speakers and mentors to develop blueprints.

Mentors are professionals from any industry eager to share their experience and expertise with participants; they will advise and collaborate with participants through the ideation process.

Speakers are leading experts in fields relating to the specific conference theme and tracks. After giving their keynote speeches on Friday night, they will join the mentors to guide participants.

Sponsors are forward-thinking organizations invested in a sustainable future who support and partner with Blueprint in developing win-win solutions. For more information on corporate participation, email us at!

A blueprint is anything you want it to be (app mock-up, CAD model, report, video, poster) – as long as you can effectively explain to the judges how it could be developed into a radically new solution to one of the tracks. Check out the past blueprints competitors designed in our previous conferences!


Absolutely no worries! Team formation will take place Saturday morning – all participants sign up as individuals, though you will have the chance to mutually select 1-2 teammates to work with on your Blueprint idea.


Your brain. Your radical ideas. And perhaps a laptop and writing implement.  (Also chargers to keep you plugging away throughout the day!)


YES, and invite your friends too! We want to spread the conservation and sustainability bug far and wide.


Our philosophy is that we make our best ideas in collaborative environments with people of diverse backgrounds. Although background research is allowed, we encourage everyone to come with fresh minds. Competitors, however, cannot prepare or design a blueprint prior to the conference. All design work should and is best done at the conference.

We encourage students to develop their blueprints into real solutions. Duke Conservation Tech, Blueprint’s parent organization, is here to help if you are ready to take on the challenge!

We are also looking to support students at other universities set up similar programs to facilitate the development of their own projects! Reach out to us at if you would like any guidance or have specific questions.

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