Building the future of conservation

Our Mission

Duke Conservation Tech aims to harness the power of technology to build and deploy sustainable solutions to ecological problems. We’ve built partnerships with organizations from the World Wildlife Fund to Delta Airlines to identify the biggest threats facing our environment and develop effective ways to mitigate them. This year, we’re working with members of the local Durham community to make an impact at home. We’d love to have you on board.

Here’s Peter Moran, an alumnus, explaining just one of the many projects we’re working on

Computer Science

Software drives today’s society, and conservation is no exception. DCT needs computer scientists of all backgrounds and experience levels to help create software that predicts and reacts to environmental challenges.


Our projects benefit from the efforts of every single member of the team. Many draw from expertise Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, and other forms of engineering. If you don’t see a project that interests you, please propose a project using the link in our projects page.


Our new Environmental Justice initiative seeks to examine the ways that marginalized communities interact with the environment and conservation efforts. We want to understand the blind spots in these efforts. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with information on this project


Blueprint is a competition and conference hosted by DCT since 2017. Each year, Blueprint tackles different issues of environmentalism and conservation, providing innovative and ambitious students with a platform to have an immediate sustainable impact. Since its inception, Blueprint has grown to feature audiences of almost 300 participants, providing seed funding for selected projects to develop ideas through DCT.

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