The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it

Barry Commoner

Our Mission

Duke Conservation Tech (DCT) is a group of students from a diversity of fields applying their skills developed in the classroom to create technical solutions to conservation problems.

We aim to impact conservation efforts and enable environmental movements through collaborations with scientists, startups, and NGOs.

Our Goals

Gather Data

DCT seeks to improve our understanding of how our environment works and what our actions are doing to it. Projects in this vein include the Tag Tracking Project that attempts to understand Sea Turtle Migration patterns

Develop Solutions

After identifying problem areas in our environment, DCT works to develop solutions to these problems. Projects such as the Scare Hive have made concrete improvements to conservation efforts.

Implement solutions

Our new Environmental Justice initiative is centered around working with local Durham area partners to identify how to bridge the gap between technological solutions and policy implementation.

Meet Our Exec Team

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