to create a more sustainable and biodiverse tomorrow

Algae Window

Sustainable Architecture

We are creating a window that uses varying concentrations of algae to filter sunlight entering buildings for energy conservation. By absorbing the sunlight, the algae can grow and be harvested as a possible biofuel or food source.

Microbial Fuel Cell

Clean Energy

We are developing a microbe-powered battery that can generate sustainable and cost-efficient energy. This project is exploring rDNA technology, metabolic engineering, and bioluminescence.

Turtle UAV

Conservation Technology

We are designing a drone that monitors endangered sea turtles to improve data collection. The drone will use computer vision to record individuals that are marked with AprilTags: a harmless mechanical “stamp”.

Innovation and Impact

locally and globally to prepare a new generation of environmentalists


Blueprint is our annual environmental ideation conference. Students worldwide develop feasible solutions to pressing environmental issues with the help of world-renowned professionals for a chance to win a $1000 USD seed grant to develop their solution.

Environmental Justice Intiative

EJI prepares students with professional development skills to broaden the impact they have in conservation and collaborates with campus and community stakeholders to maximize social impact through awareness and local projects.

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